We believe in delivering the right solutions for our employer partners, therefore we offer a blend of products and services that meet the needs of employers within the sectors we cover. Giving you control in what you need to develop your workforce, and upskill your team to provide a better experience for service users.

Our training solutions include:

In an industry with people at its heart, our service has a powerful and positive impact on the development of staff, their motivation and skills, and in turn the success of the businesses we support. We know that the right training can help your business:

  • Improve care to service users
  • Improve the knowledge and up skill your staff
  • Improve efficiency of your services
  • Maximise profit to re-invest into your services
  • Compliant in your daily work

Whether you’re looking to train new recruits or develop the skills of your current workforce, we develop a package that suits the needs of your business. We pride ourselves on quality, therefore all our training embeds current legal or sector legislation, quality standards and best practice guidelines.

With Fresh training you will be sure to receive the highest standards of training, with a professional and friendly smile. We believe training to be the core of businesses success, without the right training you could not deliver the excellence you need to stand apart.